Made For Suede in 2018

Suede is a soft and subtle way to add a fashionable and luxurious touch to your already fabulous fall outfits. While they say all trends come back around, the suede trend train is one I’m ready to jump on.

Suede is for more than blue shoes. Ever since Elvis and his “Blue Suede Shoes” appeared in 1956 suede has been recognized as a part of pop culture, but suede was cool before the hip-swinging singer.

The term “suede” originates from the phrase ‘gants de Suede’ a french saying roughly translating to “gloves from Sweden”. These swanky suede gloves were imported from Sweden and the softer leather was seen as a luxury.

Suede vs. Leather. What’s the Difference?

Suede actually is leather, just a different part that goes through a different process. While regular leather gets tanned, suede is the underside of the leather that has a napped finish.

Real Suede vs. Faux Suede

Many people actually prefer “suedette” or faux suede to the real deal. Why? Let's take a look.

Faux Suede

  • Easier to clean (no need for dry cleaning!)

  • Less expensive

  • Less Durable

Real Suede

  • More Expensive

  • Harder to clean

  • More durable/long lasting

My favorite looks for suede this fall.

Bibi Horst

SHEIN Swede Dress

Urban Outfitters

Avec Les Filles Genuine Suede Trench Coat

Free People Suede Moto Jacket & Skirt

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