Color Blocking is Back with a Twist

November 5, 2018


Color blocking has been in and out of fashion for nearly 80 years. It first appeared in 1946  with this dress (below) by Yves St. Laurent. But this particular dress was designed well before it’s time because this bold look was considered a little "too out there” for most women to actually wear. It was seen more as a piece of artwork. In the 1960’s and now, in 2019 this dress would be spot on.


Photo Credit: Yves St. Laurent    


Color blocking became very popular during the 1960’s, known as the Mod Fashion. Since, it’s made a few comebacks in the 1980’s and then again back in 2011.  But in 2011 color blocking was more neutral and muted.


Now 2019’s color blocking is a blast to the past with the 1960’s version of bold colors on the opposite ends of the color spectrum.  


Popular fashion IG’ers who’ve perfected the latest color blocking look.  

@Peyton.Baxter Photo Credit


@TheFreeFeather   Jen Bernstein




eLEXYfy Your Look by Making Your Own Color Blocking


Color blocking is definitely a way to take something ordinary and make it extraordinary. You don’t have to buy a sweater or dress  that is already color blocked. You can mix and match bold colors and make your outfit perfectly color blocked like blogger Whitney Ullman did below. 

Whitney Ullman @GoToWhitney 


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