Corduroy on the Runway

The Corduroy comeback continues this fall. But it’s a trendier version of the fabric that was made popular by college students and beatniks in the1960’s.

Corduroy came back a few years ago along with everything else retro from record players to embroidered jeans. But this year’s corduroy is a little more luxe. It’s not just for the law professors and hippies. Corduroy has finally clawed its way to the runways thanks to our fetish with everything vintage.

Take a look at this mini skirt from Urban Outfitters, the corduroy ribs or wales are wide and feel plush. It’s extremely comfortable to wear.

Photo Credit: Urban Outfitters

What is Corduroy?

Corduroy is a woven fabric with raised ribs or as they call them “wales”. The average corduroy has 14 wales per inch but the most popular corduroy brands this year has less wales per inch, meaning they are bigger and more lush like a cozy velvet. Today’s high-end designers are using a stretchy corduroy fabric rather than the thick restrictive retro fabric. This blazer from J.Crew, for example, will be comfortable to wear all day.

Photo Credit: J. Crew:

How to Wear Corduroy

Corduroy is the perfect alternative to jeans and it can eLEXYfy your look. Pair cords with a plain white T or sweater, topped with a blazer or leather motto and you have just upped your game. Also since the fabric is thicker, it’s a must-have for fall/winter. It’s also the reason I like to wear corduroy fitted. If you wear it baggy, it can look sloppy.

Photo Credit: Free People

Favorite Looks

One of my favorite looks for corduroy is this below, by awesome IGer, @Peyton.Baxter. Colorful corduroy pants with a chambray button down. It’s absolutely perfect.

Photo Credit: @Peyton.Baxter

Mix Textures and Patterns

Also don’t be afraid to mix textures and or prints. Knit sweaters are probably one of the most popular tops to wear with corduroy skirts or pants. But think about mixing leather and silk with corduroy and I love mixing prints with corduroy to spice up the look.

Photo Credit: Huffington Post

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