Mad for Plaid

There are certain prints that are classics and therefore always in style; Florals, polka dots, stripes and of course plaid.

If you’ve ever seen a kilt, then it won’t come as a surprise…. plaid comes from Scotland. Plaid can either be an actual fabric or just a pattern. If it’s a plaid fabric, yarns have been dyed and then woven to create the design. You’ll be able to tell if it’s a fabric, because both sides will have the same color intensity.

Most plaids, like the Urban Outfitters shirt, in the picture above, have the plaid pattern printed on the fabric. You can tell because the inside of the fabric will be lighter than the outside.

How to Wear Plaid

Plaid on Plaid:

Don’t be afraid to wear plaid on plaid. It works better if the colors are neutral and don’t fight with each other. For example this yellow plaid button down and a Burberry scarf.

Another Plaid on Plaid Example:

Photo Credit: Elle

All Plaid:

I love the way blogger Madison Messer (@SweetTeaWithMadi) wears this all plaid black jumpsuit from Forever 21 and pairs it with a bright red Gucci handbag. All plaid makes a statement but since it’s black and white, this beautiful outfit allows the red handbag to share the stage. Madison and her outfit is just perfection.

Photo Credit:

Casual Plaid:

When you think plaid, most of the time you think fall and casual weekend wear. Partly because Buffalo Plaid flannel, the classic pattern with large, red and black checks became synonymous with the rugged outdoorsman. So of course, I love the way Instagram & YouTube star Hannah Meloche wears plaid for a casual look.

Photo Credit: @hannahmeloche

Dressy Plaid:

Finally plaid can be dressy. You’ll see men wear plaid bow ties and vests with a tuxedo for a black tie event. Plaid is a statement and that statement doesn’t have to say “I’m going to a bonfire or football game”. Plaid dresses can be business casual or worn at a cocktail party.

Plaid pairs well with lace, bows, leather, for a fancier look.

Photo Credit: Amazon:

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