Jade: Pretty & Protective

If you are going to buy more expensive jewelry, invest in gems. Gems take millions of years to form in nature and only a fraction of them will ever be found, mined, cut and sold as a gemstone. One of my personal favorite gemstones is among the top ten rarest…. jade. I love it because it's rare, because of the stunning color and also because of the feeling I get from the stone.

So many of us will spend hundreds of dollars for brand name costume jewelry that only has value due to its name recognition. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE Tiffany, Kendra Scott and Alexis Bittar costume jewelry. But if I can spend just as much money on a real gemstone, that’s a better investment.

Why Jade?

Jade was first discovered in China and became revered as the “royal gem”. It was extremely valuable. The wealthiest in China were buried in jade suits. Wars were actually started over jade. Matter of fact, in China it’s been said that "gold has value but jade is invaluable".

In alternative medicine, gemstones or crystals are thought to promote physical, emotional and spiritual healing. Jade is a symbol of purity and serenity and is supposed to protect the person who wears it from harm and also bring them harmony.

There are two kinds of Jade; This ring is a nephrite. (below)

This ring here is Burmese jadeite. Of the two, jadeite is more rare and coveted. (below)

I love this jade ring because of the rich culture behind the stone and because it’s beautiful. And hey if it protects me against harm and gives me a little luck, all the better. I can use all I can get. So eLEXYfy your jewelry with jade.


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