Phone Case Fetish

Anyone who knows me knows I have a fetish for iPhone cases. Seriously, it’s a problem.

I’m super picky and there are a lot of boxes that need to be checked off before I fall in love with a case. It needs to represent me. My phone is just as much of an accessory as the jewelry I wear because it’s almost always in my hand or on my body somewhere. So it needs to be fashionable. Sometimes I even change the case, based on what I’m wearing. (I understand that can be an extreme idea for some people). But when you think about it, people might likely see someone’s phone case more often than any other accessory. The phone case has to be strong because I can be clumsy. It needs to be thin because I need it to fit into my back pocket or small handbags and it needs to be light.

I’ve tried a ton of brands… Otterbox, Mophie, Speck, Amazon’s iPhone case, you name it.

Recently I found out about Case Fetish, a company that puts just as much thought into fashion as it does defending your phone.

I picked this marble case because I LOVE marble. I really want a marble bathroom, but in the meantime, this marble phone case makes me happy and I feel confident that my phone is protected.

Case Fetish has been eLEXYfyd!

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