Fur Now and FurEver

A Fink is Better Than a Mink

Fur has been around “forever” - for about 170,000 years or since the beginning of time when man started wearing clothing made out of animal pelts. As early as the 11th century wearing fur became a statement of wealth, luxury and fashion rather than being about warmth. Fur reached the height of popularity in the 1960’s….. but it’s no longer the status symbol it used to be for two reasons: Animal rights groups and the invention of faux fur as a viable and very attractive option.

Faux fur was actually invented in the 1920’s but this fall, faux fur was the only fur some of the most popular designers had on the runway - from Stella McCartney to Calvin Klein to Gucci. And today’s faux fur is GOOD - impossible to tell the difference. Personally, I only wear faux fur.

A fur jacket can be used to dress up or dress down an outfit:


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