4 Part Series: Getting Ready for a Special Event


You need to get your nails done, that’s a given. If you are doing them yourself, paint them the morning of the event. Since, you probably aren’t a pro, that’ll give you plenty of time to get it right and make corrections as needed.

Either way you want to get your nails done as close to the event as possible, especially if you tend to pick at your nails or if you do a lot of household chores that are hard on your nail polish. The worst thing is when you get your nails done and then get a chip the day of the event. So morning-of is usually the best time but if you can’t get your nails done that day, the best alternative is gel nail polish or acrylic nails. These tend to stay on a lot longer than regular nail polish. So if you want to get your nails done earlier go with either of those options.

Okay now what color?

When I get my nails done for a big event I usually get them to match what I am wearing but you don’t want it to be too matchy-matchy. For example, if you are wearing a bright pink dress maybe pick a light pink polish for your nails and then white or a neutral color on your toes. If you are wearing a black dress, you can use your nails to add a pop of color. A bright red nail polish to match the red earrings, handbag, shoes or another accessory.


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