4 Part Series: Getting Ready for a Special Event

Self Tanning

My personal favorite self tanner is from MineTan. But whatever you use make sure you use some basic tips before self-tanning before your big night. Trust me if you don’t do it right, your dress could end up looking tanner than your legs.

  • Start self-tanning 3 days before your event.

  • Exfoliate, exfoliate exfoliate. Use a dry brush, exfoliating cream, a loofah, exfoliating gloves. Start with dry skin, then jump in the shower and continue after your skin is wet.

  • Then moisturize your elbows, ankles, hands and knees. That’s the part of the body where your body where the skin is likely rougher and drier so the self tanner is more likely to take there and it could look uneven

  • Use a mitt. A good mitt will help you spread the tanner evenly and protect your hands and palms from looking orange. Tan palms don’t look natural and it’s a dead give-away that you self-tanned

  • Use good quality product. Don't skimp!

  • Go easy on the face. You can always use makeup and bronzer to give your face that extra warm glow.

  • See how it looks the next day, do a little more 2 days before your event. You can make it look darker or you can correct spots you missed

  • You might even repeat one more time the night before the event

  • Make sure you shower the morning before your event. The worst thing on the planet is to have brown marks all over your outfit.


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