My Mother Gave Me The Evil Eye

This time it wasn’t because she thought my skirt was too short. She gave it to me to protect me and I wear it on my ears.

I LOVE them. I have an evil eye necklace but I’ve never even seen evil eye earrings.

You’ve probably seen the famous evil eye symbol. It’s one of the strongest symbolic images in the world. The belief is that the symbol goes back 3000 years to Acient Greece and Rome but today it’s one of the most trendy pieces of jewelry.

The symbol means something in nearly every country in the world and religions, including Buddiaism, Judaism, Christianity, Islam, and Hindu. In every case, the evil eye is said to protect the person who wears it from the forces of evil.

In ancient times, the evil look or evil eye was a true threat and could mean doom to the person who received the dangerous glare. There were many remedies to protect against it - incense, gunpowder, a cross, even taking a shower after you got the evil eye.

One of the most popular became evil eye jewelry that was thought to reflect the evil eye look, empowering one to escape the misfortune that was supposed to come your way.

So whether you are a believer or not, if you’ve got an eye for fashion getting an evil eye necklace, ring or earrings is a must.

These evil eye earrings are from designer Betsy Johnson.


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