4 Part Series: Getting Ready for a Special Event


You’ve got the dress now what to do with your hair? Up? Down? Well the single most important thing to remember is do what looks good on you, what looks good with your face. That said, different hairstyles do look better with different dresses so here’s my general rules:

Dress Styles:

Strapless & Spaghetti Strap Dresses: - Anything goes. Seriously wear your hair up, down in a braid, whatever. My dress this year is strapless and I’ll be wearing it long and curly.

V-Neck: Personally I’d wear a messy updo, with your hair swept up off your face to show off your neckline. If you want to wear your hair down, then try to make sure it’s back behind your shoulders.

High Neck: Definitely an updo, a high updo. Since you won’t be wearing any jewelry around your neck, maybe add braids to your updo to ensure your hair is the star of the show.

Off the Shoulders: An updo is best to show off your shoulders. Or slicked back, poker straight with your hair behind your shoulders.

Backless Dress: A high fancy ponytail or braid would look great. Or a messy updo. Whatever you do, if your dress is showing off your back don’t cover it up with your hair.

What to Do Before You Go to the Stylist:

  • Four days before your event is the day you should do a hair mask. See my past hair mask blog for video.

  • Wash your hair the day before you go (unless you have super greasy hair then wash it in the morning before you get it styled). Freshly washed hair is actually harder to work.

  • Wash and rinse in cool water - colder water closes your hair cuticle and helps to ensure your hair will look shiny, health and frizz-free.

  • Use your normal products after you wash your hair - mousse or gel to help hold the style

  • If your hair is super straight, it can help to blowdry your hair upside down.

  • If your hair is curly and you want it to be curly, blow it dry with a diffuser

  • Make sure your part is the way you want it for your special night

  • Make sure you wear a button down shirt when you go to the stylist so you don’t mess up your hair when you change into your dress

  • Be on time for your appointment. They will be busy and might be running late.


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