I say “Namaste” to Namastetics

The literal meaning of namaste is “I bow to you” and that’s exactly what I’m doing to Namastetics. It’s a brand of yoga clothing that focuses on inclusivity and accessibility, in other words, available in all sizes and affordable. Anyone who knows me, knows I’m a Lululemon girl so I was a bit skeptical when ordering my first pair of Namastetics. I ordered a black pair of the Wander Pants, basically joggers but with a twist because they have a slit up the side of the legs. They are super comfortable. The quality is just as good as lululemon but the price is literally half. $49 Seriously!! Wow and Wow! I wore them to dance class and received TONS of compliments. Not to mention dancing in my Namastetics was a dream. The Wander Pants are definitely a stylish original! They are officially eLEXYfyd!


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