What’s in My Shopping Cart?

I feel like at the beginning of every month I find myself scouring websites for new clothes. Something about a new month makes me need some fresh new clothes. Here’s a look at some items I have in my online shopping carts and how I plan to style them. Xo Many Sue

  • Dre Shirt - $32

  • With the SincereSally “Queenie Jeans” below.

  • Alice Top - $32

  • With Sincere Sally “Lineisy Layered Necklace”

  • David Pants - $35

Don’t forget to use my coupon code: “Lexy35” to get 35% off on xoMandySue.com

Urban Outfitters

UO Snakeskin Trucker Jacket - $89 I plan on paying around a lot with this jacket. I’m really into mixing and matching prints right now so I’m thinking of adding this jacket onto this outfit or with white jeans and a colored shirt similar to this look.

Show Me Your Mumu Outlaw Corduroy Romper - $154

This romper is going to go perfect with my over the knee boots featured in this blog.

Urban Renewal Remnants Denim Apron Dress - $59 I don’t have an exact plan for this dress but I am obsessed with the back and think it would look great with a crop top of some sort. Maybe this one?

Sincere Sally Queenie Jeans - $109 I plan on wearing the Queenie Jeans with a white bodysuit and my Sheepskin Jacket when it starts to get colder.

Lineisy Layered Necklace - $49 The Lineisy Layered Necklace is perfect to add just a bit of style to any simple jeans and t-shirt outfit.

Use coupon code “Lexy20” to get 20% off when shopping on SencereSally.com.


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