September is Self Improvement Month

Here are 3 quick things I do in the fall for my own self-improvement:

  1. Clothes

  • Clean out your closet - get rid of the summer clothes you didn’t wear.

  • Now take out the rest of your summer clothes and put them in storage.

  • Take a look at the clothes that are left and try them all on to make sure they fit and feel good.

  • Make a list of any fall and winter essentials you need to add to your existing wardrobe.

2. Makeup

  • Throw out old makeup

  • Lay out all of your makeup. Generally, this is how long you should keep your products:

Mascara: 3-6 mos

Eyeliner: 6 mos - 1 yr

Blush, eyeshadow and other powder products: 1-2 yrs

Foundation: 6 mos - 2 yrs (Pump Foundation lasts longer - 2 yrs)

Lipstick: 2 yrs

Natural Products: 3-6 mos (refrigerated items can last longer)

3. Lifestyle

  • Go through your room, office and car.

  • Clean out any clutter

  • Assign places for things and keep them there

  • Organize school work

In the colder months we spend so much more time inside. By taking these 3 steps you will feel so much more relaxed waking up and getting ready for your day. Looking only at the clothes that work for the climate, knowing that none of your makeup is expired and knowing exactly where your most important things are.


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