National Secondhand Wardrobe Day

I love thrift and consignment stores so what better way to celebrate than to go shopping on National Secondhand Wardrobe Day, Saturday August 25. I just went to New York and found this uber fancy “vintage store” in SoHo where they sell vintage or “used” clothes for mega bucks. Vintage is where the passion is right now. This store was super cool, don’t get me wrong but I paid $50 for a used (or I mean vintage) piece of clothing. I do love it and at Urban Outfitters that same piece would have easily cost my $78 but at my local thrift store it would have cost me $10 at most. Top Reasons to Secondhand Shop:

  • Save money

  • Be good to the Earth by recycling and repurposing

  • Give away your treasured items for someone else to enjoy

  • Many stores are non-profits and the money goes back to support the community (for example Uptown Cheapskate has raised $300,000 to support 10 schools in developing countries)

So today I went thrift store shopping at Uptown Chesapeake. I dare you to tell me which of the items below cost $50 at the NYC vintage store and which cost me $14.99 at the secondhand store.

Happy National #SecondandWardrobeDay


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