The Jean Jacket is a MUST-HAVE

Denim jackets have been around for 130 years so it’s definitely considered a fashion staple. While it’s always in style… this fall it’s as necessary as water.

In 1870, Levi Strauss, founder of Levi’s, invented jeans (denim) and then 10 years later, he created the first denim jacket, although back then he called it the “Triple Pleat Blouse”. (Hmm… maybe branding wasn’t big back then).

And if you are wearing a jean jacket that actually looks 130 years old with frays, rips, tears and even holes, then you are on point when it comes to fashion.

The hottest trend in jean jackets this fall are:

  • Embroidered jean jackets

  • Colored jean jackets

  • Weathered jean jackets

  • Patchwork-embellished jean jacket

  • Oversized jean jackets


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