My Favorite Fashion Trends for Fall/Winter 2018

Bandeaus and Crop Tops are HOT even in the cold.

According to all the runway shows, bandeaus and crop tops are still going to be very IN this fall/winter. So if you’ve been obsessed with those pieces like I’ve been, don’t pack them away with your short shorts. If you live in a cooler climate, you might have to layer up or you could always move to L.A. for the winter.

Big is BACK:

Oversized everything! Big jackets, big handbags, just think “big” everything. It’s dominated the catwalk for a few years but it’s the trend that keeps on giving this fall. Big earrings and oversized shirts and sweatshirts are my personal favs.

Lexy with amazing photographer Paul Brou

Don’t be the Black Sheep

Sheepskin is everywhere this fall/winter - and thank god! I love this coat I got from Urban Outfitters last fall. It’s like wearing a warm and fuzzy blanket all day. Sheepskin is so popular you’ll see this material in sporty, urban looks as well as with a cowboy twist.

Layer Upon Layer (3-5)

They say it’s important to layer to keep warm for the winter. But layering this fall is much more about keeping hip. The more layers the better. Think a minimum of 3 but strive for 5.

Colored Eyeliner

I had to include a hot new makeup trend because personally, I’m in love. Color eyeliner is my thing and it’s everywhere! Most days I only wear mascara but if I want to fancy my look a bit, I add colored eyeliner to my bottom eyelid rim. And if you want to go all out, you can use colored eyeliners to colorblock your eyes.


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