Bebe is Back - My Fav Store

Bebe reopened it’s first Lifestyle Retail in New York City in Manhattan. My heart skipped a beat when I first heard the news because I’ve always been a fan and it skipped TWO beats when I went to the city recently and saw an actual Bebe store. It was my own personal Miracle on 34th Street! (the store is located at 34th Street between 5th and 6th avenues).

It was depressing when they closed all their stores last year and tried to make it “online only”. That did NOT work - not for me and apparently many others because they changing their minds again. I’m not in their business development meetings but clearly they are trying to give their customers other reasons to visit their stores - besides shopping for clothes, shoes and accessories - thus their new Lifestyle Retail store. They’ve added a few services that cater to our lifestyle beyond what we wear.

New Additions:

  • A Personalization bar - you can customize anything you buy with crystals, patches and embroidery. (this was kind of cool)

  • A Beauty bar - a place to get your hair and makeup done (this wasn’t happening during my visit - maybe it’s just on weekends)

  • Stylists - I didn’t know if Shannon, who helped me pick out a killer dress, was a stylist. But she was AWESOME! I got the greatest service.

  • A Lounge - they’re going to try and make the store a place to have interactive discussions. A DJ on the weekends. (I didn’t see this and have my doubts this will work but I give them an A for effort)

I love online shopping don’t get wrong but I was so happy to GO INSIDE a Bebe store again. I don’t think they should ever expand to hundreds of stores because let’s face it, retailing is dying. But I do hope opening destination stores in key cities is a part of their plan.


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