When TO and When NOT to Spend Money on Fashion

There is a time to be cheap and then a time to save some cash for a splurge.


  1. Swimsuits can be skimpy but NEVER skimp on buying a good suit. Good swimsuits might cost between $75 - $100 (or more) but they’ll last several seasons. To save money on the more expensive brands, buy your swimsuits in the winter when they’re on clearance. Another good tip: If you’re buying more than one suit, get them in coordinating colors so you can swap tops with the different bottoms. The different combinations turn your two swimsuits into four.

  1. Handbags and Belts. Save your money and buy good quality leather handbags and belts. Seriously just do it. Good handbags and belts will last years, even decades so it’s not the place to cut corners. Even if it’s trendy, trust me, it’ll come back in style, it always does. Handbags in particular are a statement piece. Your handbag says a lot about you. So make the investment and make sure your statement is “quality”. And if it is a quality bag if you get tired of it, you can always sell it online to make a little extra cake.

  2. Classic Pieces. Definitely spend money on the timeless classics. That little black dress, a pencil skirt, the jean jacket, a trench coat, black pumps, dark-wash jeans, the perfect white tee and riding boots are just some examples of timeless classics that will be in your closet for years. And yes I’d put leggings in that category. Leggings have actually been around since the 14th century. It was actually men in Scotland who wore them first. The modern day version of leggings was made popular by Audrey Hepburn in the 1950’s and then every decade since they’ve evolved. So anything that’s been around for hundreds of years is a classic in my book. That’s why I splurge and spend the extra money on leggings from lululemon, they are expensive but they’ll last years.


  • Shop at thrift stores. Vintage stores in New York are charging hundreds of dollars for the same things you can get for dollars at a thrift store.

  • Swap clothes with friends. If you get tired of some of your clothes but they’re in good shape and in style, swap them with your friends to freshen up both your wardrobes.

  • Don’t go shopping without a list. You don’t dare go to the grocery without a list or you’ll end up with two weeks worth of food that goes bad in the fridge. Ditto for clothing. Check your closet before shopping and write down what pieces could enhance your current wardrobe. If you don’t you’ll end up with another white shirt and your 10th pair of black jean shorts.

  • Technology: There are apps like RetailMeNot or Honey for your computer browser that’ll help you find the best deal.

  • Shop in the men’s or kid’s departments. Women’s clothes are more expensive because retailers know they can charge more. So find your size in the men’s or kid’s section and I promise it’ll be cheaper.

  • Customize your clothes. Ripped jeans are in style. Instead of spending $100 on a pair of jeans that have holes in them, take a pair of scissors to your own jeans. And think about how easy it would be to make a crop top. Get creative, it’s fun!


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