Brows for days

My favorite aspect of anyone's face is their eyes. If you want to draw attention to the eyes, decorate what's closest to them - your brows. My biggest tip when doing eyebrows is to NOT use products made for eyebrows. Sounds crazy right? But yes I'm saying don't buy an eyebrow gel or pencil. I used to do that but honestly when I used an eyebrow pen, I'd painstakingly overlap my brows with precious brush marks to make them perfectly shaped. But in the end they always looked too dark. Now I use an eyeshadow or powder that's similar to the color of my brows. I've always had blonde hair but I have dark brown brows so I use Tartlette eye shadow in the Bloom palette. It's a little lighter than my actual brows. I start slow but I can continue to perfect them by applying more powder to get the exact shape without having my brows get too dark. You've heard the eyes are the window to the soul. Personally I think the brows should get top billing.


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