Summer is just around the corner....

So I know for sure that I'm not the only one looking forward to this upcoming summer vacation. No more school, tests, and NO stress! Sounds like a dream come true. Instead of school we will be partaking in long summer nights filled with tons of laughter, jokes, and country music, of course. With the change of weather there also comes a change in wardrobe. A big thing for me in summer is to wear summer dresses. Basically meaning floral/patterned dresses that are loose and may have spaghetti straps. These dresses usually have thin fabric which makes them perfect for the hot weather. So not only are they super cute but they are also efficient. Finally, they give you the perfect reason to wear a dress because they aren't too formal but also not too casual. I usually purchase my summery dresses from South Moon Under, Urban Outfitters, or Forever 21. I recommend getting a few for this season because I know for sure I will be.

Photo Courtesy of Google Images


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