My Favorite Products For A Neutral Makeup Look: Part 1

There are days when I want a bare, neutral makeup look and there are some days where I want a full face of makeup on. I have noticed that I have been wearing less makeup more often than I have been wearing more makeup! When I do this kind of neutral look, there are five main products that I love to use. I will feature these in a five part series called My Favorite Products For A Neutral Makeup Look.

Photo Courtesy of PRAI

Part 1: I find it critical to take care of your skin before applying any amount of makeup. So after washing and moisturing, I like to apply a serum underneath my eyes. The skin under the eye is thin and there isn't a lot of blood flow so it can be the first place to see visible signs of aging. Puffiness, dark circles, and wrinkles around the eyes can make an individual look older. It's never too early to really protect that area. Eye creams also help the eyes from the blue screen we constantly look at when using our computers, phones, and other electronic devices. My favorite eye serum is the PURE PRAI Eye Concentrate by Prai. It's light and easy to use. The packaging is adorable. It's in a cute white container with a glass dropper for easy application. Skin care always come first, so treat your skin with a serum that fits your skin type. This product has been eLEXYfyd.


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