Not Your Usual Makeup Look

There is this thing that I do with my eye makeup to coordinate it with my outfit. No, it's not matching my lipstick to my shirt or my eyeshadow to my jewelry. It is wearing bottom eyeliner in as many colors as I want to make any outfit ten times better.

Bright colors are always my go-to. Like in the picture below, I spiced up a regular white shirt and jeans outfit with a rainbow ombré using an eyeshadow palette from Morphe. This is one of the many looks you can try. Some other combinations, I've personally tried are a combo of two greens, an ombré from red to orange to yellow, etc. It is also convenient because you can make it as subtle or as out-there as you like. The first picture (above) is an example of a more subtle look. The color of the eyeshadow is used underneath the eye to blend in the whole look. This trick has been eLEXYfyd! Now go try it. What are you waiting for?


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