Velvet, Velvet, and Some More Velvet

It is definitely not just me who has fallen in love with the new velvet trend. I promise that if you walk into any store you will most likely find something velvet. This trend is perfect for a fancier party look or velvet can be worn casually. When I go out to dinner with friends or when I have picture day at school, a velvet shirt and a pair of white jeans is my go-to. Velvet comes in all of your favorite colors and you can wear it with shorts, a skirt, or jeans. You can also get velvet shoes, velvet shorts, velvet skirts, velvet rompers, and velvet dresses. Literally, velvet is everything right now. You can class it up or dress it down. You can wear it to school or wear it to sleep. It's comfy and it's cute. When going to a party, if you have a neutral color dress, spice it up with some velvet jewelry or heels or go all out and wear a velvet dress. So the next time you go shopping, get velvet. You won't be able to miss velvet and you won't regret it. If you can't tell, velvet has been eLEXYfyd.


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