The Magical Color Changing Lipstick

I recently purchased a lipstick from Mystic Jellies and I was shocked to find out the results. When first opening the bottle, the lipstick appeared to be a pink jelly, hence the name. It's mostly clear but amazingly when you apply it to your lips, a lipstick color actually starts to appear. You might think it works like a lip gloss...

...but after a few minutes after application the gloss faded and a color remained. It did somewhat leave my lips moisturized but not as well as a chapstick. I didn't expect it to moisturize at all due to the fact that it's more of a lipstick not a chapstick so that was a plus. Inside the lipstick tube were little flakes of gold made from gold leaf which is really cool and brings a little fancy shimmer to the lips. When I put the first coat of lipstick on, the color was clear but then got pinker in a few seconds. After putting on more coats, the color gradually turned into a hot pink. I put a few swatches on my arm and waited a few minutes and noticed the color wasn't as pigmented as it was on my lips but it gives you an idea...

Good thing lipstick goes on your lips, part two of hence the name. Besides that, there wasn't anything wrong with this lipstick and another plus is it is just so cool to look at. It also comes in tons of colors like blue, purple, red, etc. This product has been eLEXYfyd!


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