How to get your Insta pics from 0 to 100

VSCO is my favorite app to edit my photos for Instagram, my blog, my friends, and so many other things. It has tons of different filters you can adjust to your preference. There are also ways to change the exposure, clarity, saturation, etc. In total there are 20 ways to change the picture you choose to edit. My process is simple to editing photos.

Here's a step by step:

1. Pick a filter, usually C1.

2. Increase the exposure +1.0

3. Increase the contrast +1.0

4. Sharpen the +1.0-2.0, depending on the picture

5. Add +0.5 saturation

6. Shadow save +1.0

7. Temperature depends on the picture. If an image is too cool (blue or white), I increase the warmth and if an image is too warm (orange or yellow), I decrease or add coolness.

8. +1.0 Vignette

9. Add a mixture of tint and skin tone.

10. Adjust anything else that could make the image better.

After editing a picture, I publish it to my VSCO account so my friends can see the image. If you don't know VSCO, it's like Instagram without the ability to like and comment. Then I usually post the same image on my Instagram and other apps. This app has been eLEXYfyd. Great pictures for no money in zero time!

image courtesy of google images


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