A Rocker Eyeshadow Palette. You'd Be A Smarty Pants If You Got It.

My most used and favorite eyeshadow palette is the Tartellette in Bloom palette from Tarte. It has an amazing range of colors from neutral white and pale, to light and dark pink, to a full-on black. With this range of colors, you can literally create thousands of different eyeshadow looks. Also, it includes three different shimmer shades, funny girl, rocker, and firecracker. These shades are what you call foil shadows, meaning it is more pigmented if you apply it with your finger. My advice: if you don't want to use your finger, take an eyeshadow brush and dampen it with a setting spray, then dip it into the eyeshadow. It should pick up more product on the brush. So trust me this is an amazing palette that is worth spending your money on. It has definitely been eLEXYfyd.

Picture courtesy of Sephora


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