Who Wears Short Shorts?

Have you ever witnessed a Marilyn Monroe situation? Where a nice young lady was walking somewhere and the wind blows a little and those cute flowy shorts, turns into the pair she wished she hadn't worn. Well when you wear the flowy shorts from Brandy Melville, there is a 95.5% percent chance that this could happen to you. Now, I'm not saying that these shorts aren't cute, because they are. I have a pair myself, that I do really like. But every time I wear them, I know that I won't be able to sit or lie down without having to check that I'm not accidentally flashing anyone.

Photo courtesy of Brandy Melville

Photo courtesy of Brandy Melville

For me I tend to wear whatever looks the cutest no matter how uncomfortable I am. Beauty can be painful, am I right? But sometimes these shorts aren't even cute or don't work with a lot of shirts. My advice: since they are flowy, they look better with tighter shirts. You can attempt to tuck looser shirts into them, but usually it ends up scrunching up or pulling up the shorts so they look even shorter then they already are. I get lectures from my mom almost everyday, about how all of my shorts are too short (and hello, those are actually my longer shorts). The good thing is that these shorts are typically inexpensive so maybe you can spend the rest of your money on some spandex shorts to wear underneath.


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